How to make Putty the default telnet application in Windows 10

Trusty yet insecure, it’s the 21st century and long gone are the days of telnet but, is there any need to keep using telnet to access your network devices nowadays? well, not in a production environment of course -unless you are trapped in one of those “if it works don’t touch it” organizations- but telnet is still king in lab environments for quick TTY access.

In my case, I still use it when checking open ports labbing on GNS3 or EVE-NG, so here’s a quick recipe to make Putty your default telnet application in Windows 10:

1 Open the windows registry editor (regedit.exe) by either typing regedit in the start menu or by windows+R and typing regedit in the search bar. 

2 Make a complete backup of the registry at File/Export before proceeding. This step is optional yet highly advisable in case something goes wrong.

3 Surf the registry to  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\telnet\shell\open\command  and you will find a default entry.

3 Double click the entry and change its concent for  “C:\[your putty folder]\putty.exe” “%1” 

4 Save and try to use a telnet-enabled link, it should work just fine. I’m my case I open the EVE-NG node consoles from its web interface.

If something didn’t go well, go back to step 3 and restore your registry backup at File/Import.

P.S. Sorry for the Spanish screenshots, I once made the mistake to install Windows 10 in Spanish at home and still procrastinating the change to English.

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